Compact Treatment

• Holistic therapy programme for tick-borne diseases such as chronic borreliosis and co-infections therapy according to ILADS or DBG Guidelines

• Individualised programmes that increase the efficacy and tolerability of applied therapies

• A choice between antibiotics or naturopathic therapy with herbal antiinfectives

• A wide range of adjunctive therapies and effective pain therapy

• Holistic adjunctive treatments that reduce side effects and strengthen the immune system

• Support from specialised doctors and healthcare professionals

• Want to start therapy under medical supervision
• Want to adjust their medication to best suit their state of health
• Are not receiving comprehensive follow-up therapy

in their home countries

The Different Types

Classic CT, Basic CT and Naturopathic CT

Essentially, there are two types of CT: Classic and Basic. These are based on conventional antibiotic therapy and Naturopathic CT, which uses herbal antiinfectives.

The primary aim of the holistic adjunctive treatments in’CTc with antibioticsc ‘is to increasetolerability andreduceside effects. The basic programme includesdrugin fusions andjust a few adjunctive treatments.

Infusions are also given as partof Naturopathic CT but these only contain vitamin san do ther adjunctive phytotherapeuticagents.

The doctor will decide how to combine the individual components of each therapy.

Daily Schedule for Compact Treatment

  • Improves circulation

  • Increases the efficacy of antibiotic therapy and reduces

    side effects

  • Improves oxygen uptake in respiratory diseases

  • Uses frequencies to move pathogens out of the

    intracellular space

  • Accelerates the effects of antibiotic therapy

  • Normalises cell metabolism

• Relieves pain
• Stimulates cell metabolism
• Releases energy blocks

• Improves microcirculation
• Activates the metabolism
• Improves oxygen supply in the blood
• Strengthens the immune system

• Combats sleep disorders
• Strengthens the human immune system
• Reduces depression

• Drains toxins
• Strengthens the immune system
• Relieves pain
• Stimulates the circulation
• Relaxes the muscles

• Increases exchange between the cells and their metabolism
• Drains toxins

• Relieves pain
• Stimulates the metabolism
• Improves circulation and flexibility as well as mobility
• Increases strength, stamina and coordination

• Improves the efficacy and tolerability of antibiosis and reduces side effects
• Strengthens the immune system
• The ‘i’s rule: treating infection and inflammation as well as strengthening the immune system

• Alkaline diet
• Anti-inflammatory nutrition
• Taking responsibility